According to the Kidney Foundation, about 85% of the Dutch consume too much salt, often without realizing it. Everyday products from the supermarket contain much more salt than people often think, and too much salt can damage the kidneys.

We know that salt can be a tempting addition to food and many food products, but there are some good reasons to consider cutting back on salt and using THE SPICE CLUB products for the benefit of your health.


the advantages

A high salt intake can lead to kidney damage over time. By cutting back on salt, you take care of your kidneys and support their ability to filter waste from your body.

🚰 Improved kidney function

By eating and dieting less salt, you significantly reduce your salt intake, which can help prevent high blood pressure and other health problems.

🧂 Lower salt intake

"Almost everyone gets too much salt. You probably do too. Which products contain (a lot of) salt? Do the Salt Comparison! And if you love your kidneys, eat less salt."

the dutch kidney foundation salt comparator

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Eating less salt can lower blood pressure, which puts less strain on your heart and reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

❤️ Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

High salt intake can lead to fluid retention, which leads to bloating and dehydration. By skipping the salt in your food, you can maintain your fluid balance.

🥤 Better hydration

the Dutch Kidney Foundation

Without realizing it, you are consuming more salt than is good for your kidneys. Because everyday products contain more salt than you think. So you often do not realize whether you are making a good or salty choice in the supermarket. Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy and simple alternatives!

Cutting out the salt allows you to bring out the natural flavors of your herbs and spices, resulting in more complex and delicious dishes.

🍽️ Enhanced natural flavors

Eating less salt can help prevent water weight gain, making it easier to maintain or reach your goal weight.

📉 Weight management

A high salt intake can disrupt sleep because you often have to go to the toilet at night. Cutting back on salt can help you sleep better.

💤 Improved sleep


So the next time you make a meal, consider not using too much salt and letting the natural quality of THE SPICE CLUB reign supreme. Your kidneys, heart and overall health will appreciate it! 🌿🍴🥗



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