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The Bestseller SetThe Bestseller Set
The Bestseller Set
Sale priceFrom €34,95 Regular price€38,95
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The Asia SetThe Asia Set
The Asia Set
Sale priceFrom €17,95 Regular price€19,45
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The Mediterranean SetThe Mediterranean Set
The Mediterranean Set
Sale priceFrom €17,95 Regular price€19,45
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The Crunchy Topping SetThe Crunchy Topping Set
The Crunchy Topping Set
Sale price€17,95 Regular price€19,45
POTATO · Potato & Fries Herb MixPOTATO · Potato & Fries Herb Mix
POTATO · Potato & Fries Herb Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,75
CHICKEN · Chicken Seasoning MixCHICKEN · Chicken Seasoning Mix
CHICKEN · Chicken Seasoning Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,95
ITALIAN · Italian Spice MixITALIAN · Italian Spice Mix
ITALIAN · Italian Spice Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,49
INDO · Nasi & Bami Herb MixINDO · Nasi & Bami Herb Mix
INDO · Nasi & Bami Herb Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,95
MEXICAN · Mexican Spice MixMEXICAN · Mexican Spice Mix
MEXICAN · Mexican Spice Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,95
Crunchy TOPPING On EverythingCrunchy TOPPING On Everything
Crunchy TOPPING On Everything
Sale priceFrom €5,95
GREEN GODDESS · Vegetable Herb MixGREEN GODDESS · Vegetable Herb Mix
FISH · Fish Seasoning MixFISH · Fish Seasoning Mix
FISH · Fish Seasoning Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,95
CURRY · Indian Spice MixCURRY · Indian Spice Mix
CURRY · Indian Spice Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,95
POKE · Crunchy Onion & Sesame ToppingPOKE · Crunchy Onion & Sesame Topping
SHAKSHUKA · Mediterranean Spice MixSHAKSHUKA · Mediterranean Spice Mix
SHAKSHUKA · Mediterranean Spice Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,95
THAI · Thai Herb MixTHAI · Thai Herb Mix
THAI · Thai Herb Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,95
MAROC · Ras El Hanout Spice MixMAROC · Ras El Hanout Spice Mix
MAROC · Ras El Hanout Spice Mix
Sale priceFrom €5,95
Crunchy COCO & HAZEL ToppingCrunchy COCO & HAZEL Topping
Crunchy COCO & HAZEL Topping
Sale priceFrom €5,95
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Basil SlicedBasil Sliced
Basil Sliced
Sale priceFrom €3,49
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Cinnamon Powder · NormalCinnamon Powder · Normal
Cinnamon Powder · Normal
Sale priceFrom €4,49
Cocoa PowderCocoa Powder
Cocoa Powder
Sale priceFrom €4,79
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Oregano SlicedOregano Sliced
Oregano Sliced
Sale priceFrom €2,95
Garlic PowderGarlic Powder
Garlic Powder
Sale priceFrom €4,50
Cayenne PowderCayenne Powder
Cayenne Powder
Sale priceFrom €3,95
Paprika powder SmokedPaprika powder Smoked
Paprika powder Smoked
Sale priceFrom €3,95
Lemongrass GroundLemongrass Ground
Lemongrass Ground
Sale priceFrom €4,25
Thyme WholeThyme Whole
Thyme Whole
Sale priceFrom €3,50
Fenugreek GroundFenugreek Ground
Fenugreek Ground
Sale priceFrom €3,95
Chives SlicedChives Sliced
Chives Sliced
Sale priceFrom €6,45
Garlic FlakesGarlic Flakes
Garlic Flakes
Sale priceFrom €4,59
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Onion PowderOnion Powder
Onion Powder
Sale priceFrom €4,50
Pepper Black WholePepper Black Whole
Pepper Black Whole
Sale price€6,95
Paprika powder NormalPaprika powder Normal
Paprika powder Normal
Sale priceFrom €3,95
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Chili Flakes BrokenChili Flakes Broken
Chili Flakes Broken
Sale priceFrom €5,25
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Turmeric GroundTurmeric Ground
Turmeric Ground
Sale priceFrom €2,95
Sunflower seedSunflower seed
Sunflower seed
Sale priceFrom €3,48
Rosemary CutRosemary Cut
Rosemary Cut
Sale priceFrom €3,49
Parsley CutParsley Cut
Parsley Cut
Sale priceFrom €4,49
Laurel HeelLaurel Heel
Laurel Heel
Sale priceFrom €3,49
Pepper Black GroundPepper Black Ground
Pepper Black Ground
Sale priceFrom €6,49
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Nutmeg GroundNutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Ground
Sale priceFrom €11,50
Flax seedFlax seed
Flax seed
Sale priceFrom €4,17
Coriander SlicedCoriander Sliced
Coriander Sliced
Sale priceFrom €2,95
Cinnamon Powder · Ceylon 100% PureCinnamon Powder · Ceylon 100% Pure
Cinnamon Powder · Ceylon 100% Pure
Sale priceFrom €8,65
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Ginger PowderGinger Powder
Ginger Powder
Sale priceFrom €4,85
Chia seedsChia seeds
Chia seeds
Sale priceFrom €6,25
Mint CutMint Cut
Mint Cut
Sale priceFrom €3,49
Anise WholeAnise Whole
Anise Whole
Sale priceFrom €5,38
Cardamom GroundCardamom Ground
Cardamom Ground
Sale priceFrom €7,95
Caraway Seeds GroundCaraway Seeds Ground
Caraway Seeds Ground
Sale priceFrom €4,50