Kip Paprika met Rijst

Chicken Paprika with Rice


This delicious and creamy chicken dish is a tasty treat. Juicy pieces of chicken are seasoned with The Spice Club Chicken seasoning and fried until done. Then a delicious creamy paprika sauce is made with red peppers, garlic, skimmed milk, and cream cheese. This sauce is poured over the cooked rice and chicken, creating a delicious meal. Follow the steps below to prepare this dish effortlessly.


4 persons

  • 200 g brown or white rice
  • 400 g chicken fillet
  • 2 red peppers, cut into pieces
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 120 ml skimmed milk
  • 120 g cream cheese
  • 2 tsp Spice Club Chicken ·PURCHASE🛍️
  • The Spice Club Topping (Optional for garnish) ·PURCHASE🛍️


STEP 1: Cooking Rice

  • Start by cooking 200 grams of brown or white rice according to the instructions on the package. Set the cooked rice aside while you prepare the rest of the meal.

STEP 2: Prepare Chicken

  • Cut 400 grams of chicken fillet into bite-sized pieces.
  • Heat a large frying pan over medium heat and fry the chicken pieces until fully cooked and golden brown. Add 2 teaspoons of The Spice Club Chicken for flavor and fry for 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove the cooked chicken from the pan and set it aside for later use.

STEP 3: Prepare pepper sauce

  • In the same skillet, add the diced red peppers and minced garlic. Also add 120 ml of water
  • Fry the peppers and garlic for 2-3 minutes, until the peppers soften slightly.

STEP 4: Make pepper sauce

  • Remove the peppers and garlic from the pan and put them in a blender or a magic bullet.
  • Also add 120 ml skimmed milk, 120 grams of cream cheese and 2 teaspoons of The Spice Club Chicken herbs to the blender.
  • Blend everything until you have a smooth sauce. If you don't have a blender, skip to the next step

STEP 5: Heat sauce

  • Pour the creamy paprika sauce back into the frying pan and let it simmer for a few minutes over low heat, so that the sauce heats up and thickens.

STEP 6: Serve

  • Divide the cooked rice among 4 plates.
  • Place the fried chicken pieces on top of the rice on each plate.
  • Pour the creamy paprika sauce evenly over the chicken and rice on all plates.

STEP 7: Garnish

  • For extra flavor, garnish any dish with The Spice Club Topping.


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